About Us

We've known each other for years... actually grew up about a block away. We became friends in our teenage years then shortly after college fell in love. Our common ground was always centered around worship and little did we know He had this plan for us all along.

We have two beautiful little girls named Olivia Lynn and Justice Emma. Our home is in South Florida and we serve as ministers and worship leaders at our local body, Abundant Life Church.

​Andrew has a background in business and Rochelle over a decade dedicated to the foster care system. We now both currently have the beautiful privilege of working in foster care ministry, with a passion to help provide homes for children in need of hope and healing. Our heart is to release authentic worship on the earth--not just through music, but every aspect of life. We see worship as a lifestyle that resounds through a life well lived. We are passionate about sharing our process transparently.

In Spirit and in Truth,

Andrew and Rochelle

"God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth."

                                                             - John 4:24